Professionally Designed & Developed Websites Matter

Why trust a digital agency to design and develop my website?

As millennials continue to age and are looking to spend their hard-earned money, so too comes of age the first generation who can instinctually breakdown a company’s web presence for business quality. This generation brings with them an intuitive sixth-sense of quality and value in websites that most older generations, who didn’t grow up with the internet, just can’t see.

Get what you pay for.

A professionally designed & developed website will make your website unique, last for years, provide unique built-in search engine optimization geared specifically for your business, match your branding, and is sure to keep you ahead of the competition. All of this could run you $10,000+ but it’s a one-time purchase that is sure to provide a greater return on investments.

Templated websites offer low entry rates but are monthly retained. These templated sites are most likely not built with great SEO in-mind and are shared with other businesses across the internet; in short, there’s nothing to separate you from other businesses using this same template theme. Combine this with the statistic that 40% of consumers will not stay on a website if it has a poor architecture or quality (see the millennial argument above), you could be gaining 40% more clientele just by paying for a professionally designed and developed website.

The “We build your site in 30 days!” in promise.

There are plenty of web development companies that offer this quick turnaround service and it baffles me the number of people who jump on it. Let me put this as straightforward as I can, do yourself a favor, stay away from these types of companies. Is 30 days really a long enough time to understand your business? To design a website that reflects the vision and quality your company offers? If so, I probably wouldn’t be your client.

Building a website is an investment

A website needs to harness your branding. It needs to stand out from the rest of your competitors. It needs to provide a captivating design that ensures your future clientele doesn’t want to leave that website and continue on with their search. Most importantly, it needs to provide the best return on investment possible. Simply having a website will not do that.

In today’s world, a website is more than just a presence on the internet. Gone are the days where people would drive around and look at road signs to find a mechanic, boutique, etc. Now, people turn to their phones and search out places from their living room before ever thinking about getting in the car.

If your digital agency doesn’t mention such things as integrating e-mail marketing, incorporating best SEO practices, retargeting, or mentions building a custom website but doesn’t rule out pre-built templates then they’re not looking out for your companies best interest.

While these may seem like up-sales, these are essential to making sure your website is working for you. It’s a company doing its due diligence ensuring that you’re at least made aware of the benefits you could be missing out on. A website, built from scratch, specifically for your business, by a professional, will ensure your return on investment and ensure your website is working for you.

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