Case Study

FSU College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences at Florida State University had a serious crisis of identity and image at hand. Neither the staff nor students fully understood what Human Sciences meant. For recruiting undergraduate and graduate students into their programs, that’s a big problem. To complicate the matter, beneath the banner of the College of Human Sciences were three distinct departments, each with their own identities and brands. By and large, the entire college felt fragmented and amorphous. They called us to help. We pulled the College of Human Sciences apart and put it back together as a more cohesive brand that encapsulated the whole of the College and its ethos while giving each department a more focused and meaningful identity. The College got a new logo, some new branding for its departments, and new, more meaningful collateral and media, including video work that showed the spirit of the departments and the College as whole. Sciences, which was before much like the College’s brand itself - unfocused and in an identity crisis. The paths to what current and potential students were looking for were made more logical, following the natural hierarchies of the departments and programs themselves. The top levels showcased the spirit and goals of each department without overwhelming potential students with too much data at once. The professors and dean were given a place to open up to students trying to decide what path and which classes to take, showcasing their personalities and work in inviting and engaging resume-like pages. Overall, the site got a much needed information architecture overhaul. After years of wrestling with its own identity, the College is now leaner, more focused, and more accessible to students both old and new as it continues its legacy and marches proudly into the future.