Poppo’s Taqueria

What was the problem?
Poppo’s has unbelievable food. It’s unique, bold and a very different boutique, specialty taqueria experience. What it didn’t have was a connection to the correct audience. Awareness was low and sales needed a huge boost.

What did we do?
We gave the brand a voice and connected that voice to a very defined audience – woman, married or single, ages 25 -55. Employing social media, we didn’t sell or offer coupons, we shared brand attributes and followed our “Neighborhood” approach with our “Free Burrito Name Day” program – where on every Tuesday, we would post a name, and if you had that name you received a free burrito. Bam! We connected immediately to our audience in a very personal way.

What were the results?
The brand became a cult hit, an underground experience its foodie fans were crazy about. To date, overall store sales increased nearly 26%. That increase is above industry standards by at least 20%. ROI was near 800%. We read all the time in fancy trade pubs about how social marketing doesn’t drive revenue…don’t tell us social marketing cannot drive revenue. But, you must have a very good idea first.

What the client thought.
We had worked with several marketing groups prior to meeting The Mitchells Agency. Each had a slight variation on the same cookie cutter approach. None reflected our core principles. This team took time to know us, before we even met. While others tried to fit us into the standard form, the team developed forms to fit our standards. The resulting dramatic growth in both revenue and profits is stark, irrefutable testimony to the power of their messaging. Frankly, if you have the opportunity to hire them and you don’t, you need to replace yourself with a competent decision maker.
Micheal Coleman, Owner