Case Study

SRI Management

SRI is a leading management company serving retirement communities throughout the South East. With dozens of properties across several states, including several distinct brands, our challenge was twofold. First, to give the management company and all of its communities a cohesive identity while maintaining and accentuating the individual character and tone of each brand and the services they provide. Second, to create sales and marketing systems that the parent company as well as the individual communities could use to fit their specific needs and target demographics. From websites and digital campaigns to print/digital collateral and media, honing and refining the individual brand identities and crafting was a herculean task. We worked very closely with SRI to revolutionize their approach and execution of marketing, advertising, and sales in a market that is fraught with heavy emotional hurdles. Our careful, creative, and methodical approach to such an endeavor united all of their various product and service categories with unique thematic concepts that each community could embrace, yet could customize for their own marketing and sales initiatives. Our “Greatest Generation” and “Postcards From Home” themed concepts have helped cast SRI’s style of retirement living in a new (and more positive) light. Our innovative approach has proven to be flexible, scalable and, most importantly highly effective, allowing for continued growth as new communities and product/service categories are added.