Case Study

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

When you’ve been in the serious business of serving your communities healthcare needs for as long as TMH has, you know what has or hasn’t worked in its marketing landscape. Getting stuck in the well-worn (or even cliche) marketing grooves can make it feel like you’re not making headway in the market, not reaching the community as effectively as possible. Innovation and a positive disturbance are necessary to keep the audience engaged, attracting their attention and patronage. Luckily, our 48 year relationship was and has always been built on loyalty and trust, enabling us as their agency to push the boundaries in healthcare communications. And push we do every day we come to work for them. Our “Hospital for life” campaign provides flexible, multi-messaging platforms and positions that we can utilize to keep our work relevant and effective. Whether it’s print, television, web development, web design, social, digital or promotional initiatives, we are proactive in our efforts to keep TMH top of mind in the community.

Wolfson Children's Hospital Campaign

Cover Your Cough Campaign

Trauma Center Campaign