The Neeley Family Distillery

What was the problem?
When you launch a distillery running ‘shine using a recipe eleven generations old, it had better be good. Luckily, among the ‘old timers,’ this elixir was the real stuff. But, now you have to prove that to an audience that thinks ‘shine is for people without teeth or a job. Magnify that problem with the fact that no retailer is going to give you shelf space, and it’s unlikely a distributor will carry your product, and even if they did, there’s no guarantee they will place you at the top of their ‘push’ list.

What did we do?
While other brands touted sophistication, we promoted the “Outlaw” spirit of eleven generations of family unlawfulness. And good thing too because we knew we weren’t getting shelf space quickly. We had to go the grass roots route hard. A combination of social media, innovative word-of-mouth techniques, and captivating design pushed the brand forward.

What were the results?
The distillery grand opening was a huge hit drawing people from all over the Midwest. Our family storytelling approach provided authentic experiences not common with most beverage brands, as most are cliché marketing concoctions. Sales were solid and as the distillery’s reputation grew, it attracted the attention of a credible distributor and a contract was signed. Incredible. With a distributor locked in, this case study proves that well-thought out messaging and powerful design is paramount to selling a believable authentic story. There are no second chances with this type of product, you either are successful or you fail.