Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the “secret sauce” for any company, and as The Mitchells’ most important asset is our employees as well as the thought leadership and the creativity our team generates, that secret sauce is the life blood of our organization.

In the last two years, The Mitchells has experienced explosive growth, which has meant acquiring talent that meet the high standards of our team. We have interviewed lots of prospective employees eager to join our team, and the first question we must ask is, “Do you have a non-compete?”

From an HR perspective, one of the most frustrating aspects for us (and gut wrenching/stressful for prospective candidates) is the “non-compete” clause imposed by employers. Those types of clauses are meant to protect a company’s intellectual capital (secret sauce) and to preserve business. We get it. And, we have even used this type of clause.

Recently, our leadership team chose to remove the non-compete clause from our employee handbook. Risky? Maybe. But, think about this. If we focus more on creating an environment where team members thrive, creativity is heightened, success is the norm, and people are rewarded for their top-notch performance and if we employ hiring practices that attract solid, nice, creative, engaged professionals, turnover should be related to life changing events. Not related to people leaving because they are miserable and have better opportunity elsewhere.

Here at the Mitchells, we have on our catcher’s mitt, not our pitching glove. Our advice to all those seeking employment is to READ any document before you sign it. If you don’t understand it, or even if you think you do, have a lawyer advise you before you sign. Not after. And, GET COPIES of everything you sign.

Our philosophy is “if you take care of your people, they’ll take care of your clients.” We live it, every day.

So, check out our careers page. Gather your paperwork! Cause we are going to ask for it. And send us a resume!

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