be inspired

An inspired audience keeps buying from you

An inspired audience keeps buying from you

Work that Inspires

Thought leadership capabilities

Thought leadership demands more than just brilliant thinking. It demands having the dynamic skills and abilities to create actual work. That’s why our agency model is specifically designed with a highly experienced staff in both years and capability. Best yet, we don’t just work in silos. Each staff member has multiple skillsets, experiences and understandings of all disciplines, which allows us to problem solve and come to solutions quicker, offering better performance and results for your business.


  • Brand planning
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand research
  • Audience analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Global brand audits


  • Search marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Retail marketing
  • Promotion marketing
  • Experiential marketing
  • Email Marketing


  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • OOH advertising
  • Collateral design
  • Packaging design
  • Print advertising
  • Trade show design


  • Media planning
  • Media strategy
  • Media buying
  • Partner relations


  • Social media planning
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media buying
  • Content development
  • Creative campaigns


  • Web design/development
  • App design/development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web advertising

Public Relations

  • Strategic planning
  • Media relations
  • Creative campaigns
  • Co-branding & partnerships
  • Influencer outreach
  • Press tours & events
  • Brand reputation

About the agency

The Mitchells is a thought leadership agency that inspires your audience to buy into what your brand is offering – and to keep them buying. We do this by uncovering the unexpected audience insights to create original ownable ideas and messages that connects to your audience and differentiates your brand from the competition.

Our staff hail from some of the most talented agencies and have overcome marketing challenges for many of the world’s most celebrated brands. We employ a broad spectrum of capabilities to solve a client’s business challenges, including brand strategy and development, social media, digital, public relations, creative and media.

Our industry specializations include finance, healthcare, consumer goods, spirits and beverages, hospitality and travel, and restaurants. We have solid experience working with clients who have a local, regional, national and international presence, preserving the integrity of the overall brand while instilling an authenticity within the community in which the brand exists.

We’re passionate about our work and what we create. Inspiring brands and the lives of the people in which they serve is something we do not take lightly. If we all do our parts, good things will come of it. We promise.

Year Founded


49 years of driving revenue for clients

Creative Awards

  • 2019 AAF Agency of the Year
  • EMMY – Children’s ER Campaign
    ADDY’s – Children’s ER Campaign (National – Two Gold)
  • NHA – National Healthcare Awards (BEST OF SHOW)

Specialty Areas

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Consumer goods
  • Spirits/Beverages
  • Restaurant

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Camaraderie

Robin Stefanovich


Robin combines formidable business savvy with fine-tuned leadership skills and the soul of an artist. She has yet to encounter a challenge that intimidated her. Her experience gained from companies in industries such as defense, homeland security, and high-tech makes her extremely well suited to lead an advertising agency. Always on the go, Robin is an avid runner and traveler, sometimes doing both at the same time.

Erich Stefanovich

Chief Creative Officer

A master at making a sales impact in the marketplace, Erich’s creative work is distinguished for the cultural impact he’s made on behalf of some of the world’s most celebrated brands, including Aflac, Absolut Vodka and The Ritz-Carlton, to name a few. He cut his creative teeth at some of the industry’s most prestigious creative agencies such as TBWA/Chiat Day, and Young & Rubicam. If it’s a sunny day, expect to see him on the trail on his mountain bike – or if it’s winter, on his skis buried in powder.

Andrea Thomas

Digital Strategy Manager

Intuitive and resourceful, Andrea is motivated to transform brands into modern-day powerhouses. Her vast experience in SEM, brand strategy, content management, and paid media have proven fruitful in the automotive, gaming, home goods, and software industries. She has a strong sense of purpose in seeking exponential clarity and actionable solutions to client challenges. In her free time, Andrea has a passion for impactful green practices, tending to her apiary and food garden, and forging relationships with local farmers.

Lisa Matthews

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa will tell you that true success comes from collaboration among clients, teammates and partners which gives rise to the dynamic thinking needed to drive a strong and effective communications strategy. Her sense of calm enables her to focus and provide quick thinking to create innovative ideas to highly complex business problems. Outside of work, it’s all about family time with her husband and kids.


VP of Client Services

Susan brings a unique perspective from the agency and client side having served in both worlds. Her experience includes leadership positions with Fortune 100 companies and advertising agencies focused on banking, healthcare, travel and leisure, and consumer services. She thrives on planning and execution and has a heart for helping businesses innovate and connect with their audiences. When not planning the next big campaign, she’s planning the next big travel adventure with her family.

Jason Hall

Director of Digital Technology

Jason is a techno wizard which in today’s digital world of 1’s and 0’s is an absolute must. He can pick up a new technology (if he didn’t create it) overnight which keeps clients and their business on the cutting edge. From complex websites to multi-factedemail programs, he understands the security, business & commerce protocols to bring a brand to life in the digital environment. When not clicking on his keyboard, he’s with his family walking along the beach looking for the perfect seashell.