Edible Arrangements

Tallahassee, FL – Oct 1, 2018 – The Mitchells Agency is a new advertising partner for Edible Arrangements. Our newest challenge was to assist in creating an engaging and inspiring campaign for Valentine’s Day. The message had to be powerful and not the same old “him and her” love story.

The Mitchells decided to break from the traditional boundaries of what love means. It doesn’t have to be a “couples” only thing. It doesn’t even have to be an intimate emotion. It can simply be a nice, loving and innocent gesture that expresses, “Hey, you’re important to me, and I care about you.”

Let’s face it. The world could use these kinds of messages these days. A message that’s relevant to who Edible is and what they make – which is putting love and care into making their arrangements, boxes and bouquets; so let’s take that loving care and share it with everyone this Valentine’s Day.

Our campaign concept, “Feel love. Share love.” fostered the philosophy of connecting and uniting. The idea that no matter who you are or where you come from, love is an energy in each and every one of us. And through that understanding, we can find acceptability and joy.


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