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Brand Case Study - Culpepper Construction

Brand Case Study


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An uninspired audience

Culpepper Construction is a regional player in the south and relied on tried and true ways of seeking business – a dependence on old clients feeding them business. That changes quickly when new players from across the country start infringing on your territory trying to take advantage of a roaring southern economy. Culpepper was starting to lose favor and contracts.

Unexpected insights leading to original ideas

We launched a full research program and dug deep into learning what made Culpepper a winning contractor. We found out the brand wasn’t fostering personal relationships the way they had in the past. In construction, it’s all about relationships, trust and showing “face.” There’s something to be said about meeting clients, having coffee, listening and then supplying solutions. In essence, Culpepper got complacent. We rebuilt the company from the ground up, reestablishing processes and programs. We developed a completely new philosophy called “Experiences of Transformation” that meant from early client meetings as simple as coffee to the final ribbon cutting ceremony, we were connected to the client to make their ideas come to life.

The audience is inspired and is buying

When the client is awarded multiple contracts in the hundreds of millions, you know your concepts are working. The brand was united and had found its calling again. Outside vendors looking to bank on Culpepper’s business territory could no longer take for granted the hometown favorite. If they wanted to win and beat Culpepper, they were going to have to earn it!