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Brand Case Study - Edible Arrangements

Brand Case Study


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An uninspired audience

If your brand is not relevant to your target audience, no matter what you say or do, they won’t pay attention to your message. Edible Arrangements was getting by on “old tricks of the trade” and their audience wasn’t buying into them. Franchisees were not happy with corporate – sales had spiraled down by 20% and market share was being stolen by more innovative gift giving brands. Internally and externally, nobody was inspired!

Unexpected insights leading to original ideas

The unexpected insights from consumers proved to us that Edible didn’t stand for anything, except expensive fruit on a stick you send to your mother on Mother’s day. The brand was perceived as a last-minute utility, not a fore-thought solution. Edible needed to earn back consumer trust and reward an intelligent more progressive audience looking for newer gift giving options. They had to innovate and become relevant again.

The audience is inspired and is buying

Edible hit the airwaves hard and proved to their audience they were in the solutions business, not the fruit business. The “Feel Love. Share Love” campaign was created to inspire people to buy into Edible products and services. From brand awareness messaging to tactical online ordering and promotion ideas, Edible became a valued force in variety gift giving solutions offering new products for a discerning audience. The new campaign initiative proved highly successful. The sales spike before the Christmas rush stopped the downward spiral of revenue, and with constant media, by end of February there was an increase in sales – across online ordering, app usage, and in-store visits.