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Brand Case Study - The College of Human Sciences at Florida State University

Brand Case Study


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An uninspired audience

The College of Human Sciences at Florida State University had a serious image crisis. Neither the Staff nor the students fully understood what Human Sciences meant. That’s a problem if they are to recruit undergraduate and graduate students into their program. To complicate the matter, under the College of Human Sciences were three distinct departments all with their own identity. In whole, the entire program was fragmented and undefined.

Unexpected insights leading to original ideas

We knew students and faculty had differing opinions of what the college stood for, but we didn’t know that those different viewpoints mattered to them personally. They wanted one united theme even though the college was made up of three different disciplines. They wanted a voice they could stand for and be proud. We pulled the College apart and put it back together giving each department definition and meaning, making the connection with the college personal and meaningful. Our “Optimizing Human Performance” campaign united and formed what the College represented with a brand voice to give them identity and purpose.

The audience is inspired and is buying

This was not a case in achieving recruitment quotas, as the college has a waiting list for some disciplines. This was a case of buying into what the college stood for – something students and faculty could be proud of representing and joining. That union made all the difference when soliciting private donors for now they something to offer and sell.