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Brand Case Study - Tin Drum Asian Kitchen

Brand Case Study


  • Brand Planning
  • Point of Purchase
  • Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing

An uninspired audience

Themed restaurant concepts are trending high, but it doesn’t give a brand an automatic home run. Foodies are smarter than to fall for another cliche food trend with an inauthentic skin. Tin Drum isn’t just a bunch of steaming wok’s and MSG, it’s an authentic experience of zesty flavors fused by old-world cooking methods. But revenue was stagnant and the social networks were not kind. They had the wrong audience.

Unexpected insights leading to original ideas

Audience insights told us if a brand is going to say its different then it has to look, sound and act different. People wanted a complete experience! We took the robust, distinctive and zesty flavors of the food and depicted it as such through our advertising and marketing supported with a bold voice. Our “Around the Wok in 80 Days” campaign brought the audience on a food journey rewarding them as they completed engaging promotional tasks possible through Tin Drum’s social networks, app and online capabilities.

The audience is inspired and is buying

Our aggressive campaign initiatives increased revenue by 6%. But the real success was a significant change in brand sentiment among our audience, where naysayers became complete inspired fanatics.