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Brand Case Study - TMH – Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

TMH - Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Brand Case Study


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An uninspired audience

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare located in northern Florida has been operating for 72 years. A regional player, competition is fierce for patients as area hospitals in Atlanta, Jacksonville and Orlando receive all the attention. That poses quite a problem when your hospital is not perceived as credible as the bigger city hospitals – even though TMH has on par or better healthcare services. That perception means local and regional citizens are driving hours away for healthcare – when there’s no need.

Unexpected insights leading to original ideas

After investigating all of TMH’s service lines, from cardiology to oncology, we learned first-hand from our audience that they believed leaving the area was necessary to receive better care. Our first line of attack was a full audience information immersion starting with brand education backed by definition and supported by proven results. Our “Your Hospital for Life” brand message resonated with our audiences because it offered them a believable comprehensive understanding of TMH’s capabilities and successes.

The audience is inspired and is buying

Our relationship with TMH spans over 47 of those 72 years. It’s a proven partnership built on trust and the relentless pursuit of performance. Year after year, we earn it. Together, we’ve built a united healthcare provider that has earned the respect and business of local, regional and even national audiences.