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Brand Case Study - Uncle Maddio’s

Brand Case Study


  • Brand Planning
  • Social Media
  • Menu Design
  • Point of Purchase
  • Promotions

An uninspired audience

The idea of custom, made-to-order pizza was a long time coming. For most audiences, the ability to make your own pizza instore the way you wanted was a dream come true. For others, it was a nightmare. Imagine making what you think is a great tasting pizza only to have a bite and not be amazed. And there in lies the problem. People wouldn’t blame themselves for the bad pizza topping choices, they would blame Uncle Maddio’s! Of course! Uncle Maddio’s was losing an audience that wanted a custom pizza experience.

Unexpected insights leading to original ideas

Most people know what the tried and true pizza topping flavors are and they know what works and what doesn’t. Based upon that understanding we had to concept and create a completely new way to organize and develop the menu. For the people that wanted to explore topping choices we could sway them towards combinations that worked and what we know wasn’t far from what they were thinking anyway. This lead us to creating special artisan combo pies already crafted and ready for the oven.

The audience is inspired and is buying

A new social campaign push delivered on the new menu program and inspired a new custom pizza audience! Uncle Maddio’s perception and sentiment among audiences changed for the positive from a “just another pizza chain concept” to a “crafted pizza hall” Yes, they were custom, but in fact, more of their perceived customized pies, while not really custom, sold more often. This new menu program also created product efficiencies and operation cost-savings in toppings and other pizza related elements, because now, they didn’t have to carry a huge variety of toppings – just the popular ones and the artisanal ones.