Case Study

Culpepper Construction

Culpepper Construction has been around since 1932 and in that time, they have built and renovated an impressive catalog of architectural splendors in all shapes and sizes across the North Florida horizon. After so many years, with new ownership and staff changes, they needed a branding renovation themselves. They contacted us to reinvigorate their brand identity to position them as a contemporary leader in a very competitive environment, distinguishing them from the sea-of-sameness all too known in the construction industry. We applied our “Intrigue, inform and inspire” research philosophy and identified their audiences wants, needs and desires. We then connected those attributes with what Culpepper was offering, creating fresh, vibrant and engaging visual and verbal communications – from web design to print and television. Our “Experiences of Transformation" campaign changed the rules, presenting the mindset to their audience that “companies don’t build buildings, people build buildings.” This philosophy set the stage for client experiences and expectations leading the company to lucrative contract wins and regional prominence. Culpepper was back.