FMB Bank

What was the problem?
Banking is a very crowded market space. Large full-service banks have moved into smaller markets looking to gobble up market share. Credit Unions have moved into the market as well. So, the climate for small community banks is challenging. For some, including our FMB client, their loyal customer base demographic was aging and shrinking as these voracious competitors moved in. The security of doing things “the old way” no longer provided the competitive edge needed to thrive. It was time for FMB to reinvent themselves.

What did we do?
The FMB brand renovation started from the ground up. We focused on internal messaging to get the house under one voice, and then we went external with our new, compelling message and brand design aesthetics. We broke communication and messaging efforts into three segments: employees, community and products & services. We reinvigorated the older core audience and then focused on refreshing the tank with new, younger customers by offering relevant products and services. Our “Odd Couple Campaign” highlighted this very dynamic and engaged both audiences.

What were the results?
When you are presenting to a room full of numbers minded members of the Board of Directors, your results had better be good. Our results were damn good. Mobile banking was up 260% Deposits were up 357%. Online banking was up 92%. New accounts were up 56%. Mortgage lending was up 33%. It was a good meeting. The bank was back in the race, and with our thought leadership, we aim to keep them there.