Case Study

PopCraft Pops

PopCraft creates highly artistic and delicious, all-natural pops with healthful, real-food ingredients. Unique flavor combinations and uncompromising quality are core aspects of who they are and what they do. This premium pop was on the rise but it needed a very big boost. They were not cheap to make or cheap to buy. And that created a sales challenge. They needed to expand but awareness was low and focused primarily on a more middle income family. Research provided us the answer. We found that we had to reevaluate the brand and cater to a different demographic – a highly discerning confections lover – the chocoholics and the ice cream fanatics! And that’s what we did. We helped them redefine their brand and expanded their presence through social media and pinpointed marketing strategies throughout the various communities they were serving. From packaging and store design to a new website that carried the personality and quality they brought to their products, we offered their audience a brand that was fun and wholesome and which brought something meaningful and rewarding to their lives and communities.