Case Study

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen

Themed restaurants are trending high these days but that doesn’t give a brand a home run by default. Their audience needed to be given a reason why Tin Drum Asian Kitchen’s cuisine, voice, and experience was different. Revenue was stagnant, and the social networks were not kind. Luckily, they reached out to us. If a brand is going to say it’s different then it has to look, sound, act, and be different. And that’s exactly what we did for them. Building on the robust and distinctive flavors, we helped them define and craft a bold new voice and aesthetic that matched the intensity of their menu through our advertising and marketing strategies. Our smash hit “Around the Wok in 80 Days” campaign brought the current audience, as well as many new customers on a culinary journey, rewarding them along the way as they engaged in promotional activities. Exclusive media and prizes were awarded to members of their audience that engaged the most, accompanied by social media posts providing and promoting campaign highlights. Next, we then turned our attention to the in-store dining experience by creating a vibrant atmosphere. Bolder, more vibrant designs, updates and improvements to lighting, textures, furniture and decor offered an inviting experience. Audience participation and visitation during peak hours and off-hours increased as did online ordering sales and catering orders. Our aggressive campaign initiatives drove revenues up by 6%, year to date. A welcome shift, but the real success was a significant change in brand sentiment among their current audience, where naysayers and critics became complete fanatics.

The team at The Mitchells are the most thoughtful and creative agency I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I use The Mitchells for many of the brands that I manage. They always perfectly portray each brand’s visual identity and voice in a unique and creative way. The Mitchells also manage social media with great ROI and help me develop unique and creative marketing strategies for several of my brands. I couldn’t be happier with their work.

- Jennifer Rotondo, Marketing Director