Uncle Maddio’s

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint. Served with love.

The brand’s key weapon in the pizza fight? A redesign.

The Mitchells, a full-service advertising agency, continues to gain momentum in its rise in national recognition and expanded presence in QSR industry advertising. The Mitchells’ creative is all the rage in today’s QSR Magazine story featuring Uncle Maddio’s recent redesign.  Working with Jennifer Rotondo’s Kitch consulting firm, The Mitchells’ creative team developed contemporary graphics with a twist on the iconic retro style, giving a fresh perspective to in-store graphics, menu boards, and packaging.

“Understanding our customer’s business and our years of experience allow The Mitchells to provide thought leadership, creativity and brand strategy that propel stagnant brands back into the forefront,” stated Erich Stefanovich, Chief Creative Officer.

“Our new design not only allows for a flexibility that consumers are demanding from fast-casual restaurants, it creates a ‘served with love’ environment where people want to gather,” says Uncle Maddio’s CEO Matt Andrew, who pulled from his experience with Moe’s Southwest Grill to launch the chain. The changes, he adds, also pave the way for increased profitability. “We make all strategy decisions through the lens of one, Does it produce a return on investment; two, Is it going to sell more pizza?; and three, Is it good for our people [team members and guests?]”

The redesign checks all three boxes, Andrew says, and the company plans to integrate elements of the design into current restaurants soon. “There will be essential brand elements that we will incorporate into our current restaurants on a responsible timeline of reinvesting into the business,” Andrew says. “[And] franchisees will have a remodel roadmap that integrates our historic design with new design elements in a seamless way.”

For more on the story, including photos of The Mitchells’ creative, see the QSR Magazine article at .

Interior of Uncle Maddio's
Interior of Uncle Maddio's