Three Tips for Creating Compelling Social Media Videos

In today’s world of marketing, it’s no surprise that social media is one of the most powerful channels when it comes to connecting your brand to your target audience. But with social media platforms now filled with advertising and promotional content, brands are challenged with how to stand out among the masses to ensure their message is being seen. Thanks to videos though – which are mobile friendly, typically have higher conversion rates, and feature easier-to-consume content – brands are able to cut through the clutter. 

Before you start creating your brand’s videos, check out these tips to inspire consumers to invest in your brand: 

     1. Know Your Audience 

Knowing your audience like the back of your hand will allow you to reach the right person, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right messaging. If you want to build brand awareness with women ages 24-35, incorporating visually strong 30-second or less videos for Instagram can be an impactful way to reach your target audience. If you want to teach the audience something about your product, you can share longer, instructional videos on IGTV and a preview on Instagram, giving your audience the option to continue viewing on IGTV. Knowing and listening to what your audience engages with and what they say about your product – in addition to understanding platform demographics and best practices – will guide your message. 

     2. Eye Catching Visuals  

There’s a lot of clutter and competition on social media, and you’re also up against an incredibly short attention span. The first few seconds of engagement are your chance to capture your audience’s attention. Stand out with visually strong assets, eye-catching colors, or creative animations.    

     3. Mobile First 

People are on their phones throughout the day – when they’re on the go and when they’re at home. Creating mobile-first short, snackable videos (30-seconds or less) are a great way to engage your audience while they’re quickly scrolling on their phones. 

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